For publishers

For publishers

By letting our system classify your content, you will make your pages available to more buyers. More buyers in bid request auction leads to higher prices.

Aeterna Labs Content API

By using our free content API, you can send newly published articles to us for classification. Once classified, the data will be synced to our DSP and SSP platforms in minutes.

Using the API is simple: a single POST to the API is all you need to get your content classified. This can often be done by a single line of code in your backend system.

Custom crawler

We also have the possibility to write custom web crawlers for your sites. Contact us to learn more.

Promoting quality contents

In an economy where more and more of ad budgets is being spent in closed gardens such as Instagram and Tiktok, and a large portion of the budget spent on the open web is going towards made-for-advertising (MFA) websites, we want to promote quality content from engaged publishers. That is also why our closest partners on the publisher side are networks of responsible publishers.