21 Mar 2024

WE SUPPORT VIDEO, both out-stream and in-stream

What’s the difference?

Outstream video play places your video in its own space, continuously in view as your audience scrolls through their article. We’ve made sure that the context is a match both thematically and in terms of brand safety for your product, ensuring the best results for your ad. Even though it plays independently, our technology allows your ad to appear in the best possible contexts without tracking user cookies.

Instream video is like video inception: it plays within the player of a different video. Using the context on the site the video is playing from, we can identify contexts for your ad to make sure your instream video is played to a receptive audience, both to ensure brand safety and increase your ROI by bringing an engaging ad experience users can actually enjoy.

These formats have been proven to capture 90% of user attention, and buying with us makes sure you get premium publishers, in every geo we cover.

Not only that, but when you buy with us, you know you’re divesting from cookies and supporting ethical marketing that relies on contextual analysis rather than third-party cookie tracking. That’s why we’ve already set up a successful video campaign for a premier airline, getting them gloomy winter contexts for their ‘escape the winter’s chill’ travel campaign.

Get in touch with us today to set up a campaign conveniently on Xandr, Pubmatic or Equativ! We’ll craft a custom solution for your product and get you the ninja-quick turnaround our team is known for.