15 Feb 2024

Meet the team: Sofia Fabiancic-Zühr

Sofia has been living in Berlin for the better part of the last ten years, and has recently relocated to Bonn. “It’s nice... a smaller city, where everything is walkable, but it’s similar to Berlin in its diversity and international character.”

First and foremost, Sofia is a born and (semi-)bred New Yorker, spending her childhood between New York, Caracas and Santo Domingo. She is of Argentine descent. Fluent in French, Spanish and English, she decided to move to Berlin when she was 20 to study French and Italian Philology at Freie Universität’s faculty for Romanistics. Of course, “studying and living in Germany means learning German.” Last year, she began a new adventure on the “linguistic horizon:” studying Arabic. Excited to learn a non-indo-European language for the first time, she’s keen on opening the path towards new cultures and opportunities.

Her experiences growing up in Latin America and her interest in development cooperation led her to work in UN organisations while she was pursuing her degrees, first in Brazil for UNICEF, and more recently in Peru for UNESCO. Prior to joining the team at Aeterna, she completed her Master’s in International Affairs at Berlin’s Hertie School of Governance. At Hertie, a course in Digital Governance opened her eyes to ongoing problems with GDPR compliance.

“The most exciting part about the opportunity at Aeterna was to experience how technology and service providers can adapt to Europe’s groundbreaking policy and provide solutions towards a more ethical digital market environment.” Since she joined the team, she’s been helping us localise Aeterna’s product for European markets.

Sofia is a tea enthusiast, loves her local library, and spending time with her family. She recently promised herself, in her free time, to only read books by non-cis-men, some of her favourite recent reads have been Agustina Bazterrica’s Diecinueve garras y un pájaro oscuro and Das Ende der Ehe by Emilia Roig.

Reach Sofia (she/they) sofia@aeternalabs.ai to talk books and cookies, both digital and non-digital.