27 Nov 2023

Meet the team: Dusan Mitic

IF you say “go,” Dušan starts thinking of a strategy. That’s because he’s among Europe’s best players of Go, the Chinese abstract strategy board game second to none in complexity. Loving maths from a young age, he quickly discovered his love of the game and spent half a decade travelling in Korea and China to train and learn from the best. “I only lived in Serbia between tournaments,” he admits.

When COVID-19 put an end to gatherings of all kinds (including Go tournaments), he took a break from the game to study. A self-starter, Dušan quickly learned the skills he needs to be our resident problem-solver at Aeterna Labs.

Now he lives in between Sweden and his native Serbia. A fan of historical fiction, his favourite book is James Clavell’s Shōgun, though he does enjoy more popular entertainment like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. His colleagues can and will attest to his exercises in self-control, with the self-proclaimed “sweets lover” following a highly specific keto diet.

He is disciplined, has a high tolerance for stress (another skill likely learned during one or another nerve-wracking Go game), but he’s willing to admit his weakness is that he ‘can be accidentally inconsiderate’; though the only times we’ve seen that side of him is in the context of competition. And what team doesn’t need a fierce competitor?

Dušan (he/him), developer at Aeterna Labs, is available at dusan@aeternalabs.ai.