18 Jan 2024

Meet the team: Adrian Andréasson

Our ad ops and QA manager Adrian is originally from Uppsala, but he’s been living in Stockholm for the past two years. A film buff, he’s previously worked at cinemas both in London and Stockholm, so if you’re a Stockholmer you may still see him at the Capitol. But if you’re imagining a dogmatic film geek you’d be misled: Adrian is as unpretentious as they come, and proudly describes himself as ‘not genrephobic’.

“I’m open to anything: musically as well. My favourite movie is an 80s classic, Stand By Me, directed by Rob Reiner. But I also love Bladerunner, The Man From Earth, and more recently, I’ve been watching Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge.”

Maybe that flexibility and openness led him to study programming along with his film science studies, which helped him get started here at Aeterna. A quick learner, who is also serious about service, made a great fit for our team from the get-go.

It doesn’t hurt that we also get to see glimpses of Igor, Adrian’s adorably fluffy Shiba Inu. Adrian’s favourite outdoor activity: long walks with Igor, of course, maybe followed by some apéritifs later. In the summer, he’s a big fan of Stockholm’s many little beaches.

Get in touch with Adrian (he/him) to find out more about our integrations, or to chat pasta recipes, at adrian@aeternalabs.ai