Buying guidelines

Buying guidelines

Start by identifying contexts that align with your ideal audience's interests and mindset when they are exposed to the creative. This could include topics such as business, sports, or entertainment.

Look beyond limiting segments to only apply to the landing page of your ad. For example, if you're advertising an electric car, expand your reach by applying related contexts such as climate change or fuel prices. Our team is ready to assist you in finding and creating relevant segments to reach your campaign's goals.

Our segments can be bought programmatically via Deal ID or Open RTB. Send us a request to access our segments through the Data Marketplace within your DSP or if you want us to set up a PMP and sync it directly to your seatID.

While the campaign is running, continue to monitor and optimize to ensure the segments are performing at their best. This may involve tweaking your targeting or adjusting the bid amounts.

Best Practices

DSP brand safety

Please avoid DSP brand safety filters as our segments are built brand safe by design. We use a whitelist of quality publishers and the classified articles are continuously monitored by our quality control team to ensure the highest standards in the segments

Granular targeting

Please note that we are not compatible with any form of third-party data. Targeting methods such as demographics which typically rely on external data sources and cookies should not be applied at all.

Geo targeting

We create our segments to fit the market and language they operate in, make sure you are using the correct segment for your market. For a campaign that is set to run across the UK use a segment with the country code“_UK, if it’s in Sweden _SV and so forth. Ensure the geo targeting is set up accordingly and corresponds to the segment you are using. For a campaign that should run across multiple countries or languages you should use segments for each market you are targeting.


When targeting niche segments where there is not so much content we recommend a higher max bid to ensure you win those impressions. If you need advice on CPM or Bid price please reach out to your account manager.

Set up

When you start a new campaign avoid heavy targeting or KPI’s as over-optimization may restrict the delivery. We suggest you start broad and optimize as you learn what is working.

Creative diversity

We recommend using creatives to support cross device formats, it is always a good idea to have multiple creative sizes ready for different devices.

Delivery issues

When struggling with a deal that has little or no delivery, systematically tick off one question at a time from the questionnaire below. The issue is likely related to one or a couple of these bullet-points.


  • Confirm how many impressions you are sending to the client
  • Confirm the CPM set on the Deals and if it is fixed or floor
  • Confirm the traffic type (Desktop, Mobile, Inapp)
  • Confirm if the client is buying across all the URLs in the Deal IDs
  • Confirm if you have any geo-targeting in the Deal
  • Confirm if you are running PMPs or PG
  • Confirm if the creatives are hosted by you
  • Confirm the Deal ID


  • Confirm Deal ID you are targeting
  • Confirm the maximum bid CPM
  • Confirm the start date and end date
  • Confirm the budget/impressions you are looking to purchase
  • Confirm if geo-targeting is used
  • Confirm if using Desktop or Mobile Formats and if you have device targeting set up
  • Confirm if you have any pre-bid filters activated
  • Confirm if you are using any brand safety filters
  • Confirm if you are using an inclusion or exclusion site list
  • Confirm if you are using any viewability targeting
  • Confirm if you are using any data targeting
  • Confirm if you are using any dayparting strategies
  • Confirm which frequency caps you are using

If you have confirmed that all of the above is set up correctly, but the issue still remains. Advise your SSP/DSP troubleshooting and your account manager at Aeterna.